Future Meetings

Here are some ideas for eventual future meetings:

  • Presentation about the Zend Studio IDE and how it works with phpDoc comments (and the integration between the IDE and phpDocumentor)
  • Presentation about JpGraph (or maybe GDChart, as it is free for commercial use)
  • Presentation about profiling PHP code with Xdebug and WinCacheGrind/KCacheGrind)
  • Presentation about PEAR::DB and Smarty together as a productivity enhancer
  • A more in-depth tips and tricks session about Firefox and its set of useful extensions for web development
    • Go over the following extensions: Web Developer, Colorzilla, Live HTTP Headers, Adblock, View formatted source
  • Other AJAX tutorials
  • Maybe an Apache/PHP/MySQL install-fest, where people bring their laptops to the meeting and we go through the steps of installing those tools and setting up a local development environment

If you have any other ideas, please post a comment below.