February Meeting Details

Posted by jpm on January 22, 2006

Here are the February meeting details:

  • Marc Mojica will give a presentation about quickly creating PHP-based web applications with Macromedia Dreamweaver. This presentation should be highly interesting to new PHP developers that want to get started quickly, and also to experienced developers that want to easen up the design/layout development of a web application.
  • Joao Prado Maia will present about development with CVS, a revision control system used by most of today’s open source projects. I’ll go over the details of creating a CVS repository, importing modules and start tracking changes to your files. If you are interested, feel free to start reading Open Source Development with CVS, a free book available online.
  • We will also have our usual Tips & Tricks session at the end of the meeting, with good tips about interesting PHP components, MySQL tools, Firefox extensions, AJAX/JavaScript libraries and other web development related topics.

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to RSVP on our Meetup groups at the following links:

The Meeting location details and driving directions are also available. Hope to see all of you in there!

January Tips & Tricks Session 1

Posted by jpm on January 11, 2006

So as I promised (sorry for taking so long), here’s the list of links for the tools and libraries that were mentioned in our January meeting:

MySQL related tools:

  • MySQL Administrator – a graphical user interface (GUI) tool to administer MySQL databases. Mainly geared towards DBAs, but very useful for your local development tasks as well.
  • MySQL Query Browser – a GUI tool to query MySQL databases. Also very useful to write/debug stored procedures and functions on MySQL 5.
  • DBDesigner – a GUI tool to help you design a database visually. Allows you to synchronize changes from your design document back into the MySQL database, and also allows you to reverse engineer a database into a design document.

PHP related tools:

  • PEAR – the analogous of CPAN of Perl for the PHP community, this is a set of high quality PHP components (basically classes) ready to be re-used and integrated into your application. Pretty much everything you might need to build a web application is available here.
  • Zend Studo IDE – one of the best text editors aimed at PHP developers, this is a must for big projects. It really does make development a lot easier. Price starts at $99 for the standard package.
  • Zend Encoder – another pretty interesting tool from Zend allows you to encode your PHP source code, and ship that to your customers. That gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about customers having access to your proprietary code.
  • PHPEclipse – a free plugin to the popular Eclipse IDE that brings a bunch of advanced features (similar to what you would find in Zend Studio) to PHP developers.
  • Xdebug – a PHP extension that provides a lot of debugging and profiling related information.

JavaScript related libraries:

  • moo.fx – a lightweight (3kb) JavaScript effects library. See the website for more details and a demonstration of what it can do. This is very useful for Web 2.0 applications, as you can hide/display certain parts of your app.
  • Tooltip.js – a JavaScript library aimed at creating tooltips powered by AJAX. Pretty simple stuff, but also very useful for those cases where you need this type of functionality.

Web Development tools (mainly Firefox extensions):

  • Webdrive – a special Windows-only tool that allows you to mount a drive to a FTP/SFTP/SSH server. Commercial application, but very useful.
  • Web Developer extension – provides a ton of useful tools and information to a web developer.
  • Colorzilla extension – allows you to quickly get the color information from a web page.
  • Live HTTP Headers extension – allows you to monitor the HTTP requests that are generated from a web application.

January Meeting Photos 1

Posted by jpm on January 07, 2006

I try to take photos of every meeting (even though I often forget to bring my camera), so here are the photos for this month:

From left to right: John Arnold, Marc Mojica, Jan Catacutan and Bill McCuistion.

From left to right: Bill McCuistion (back to camera), Randy Chapman, Uday Kale, David Smoot and John Arnold.

From left to right: David Smoot, Uday Kale, Randy Chapman, Sergio Chacon (our kind host at UH), Bill McCuistion, John Arnold, Marc Mojica and Jan Catacutan.

From left to right: Jan Catacutan, John Arnold, Marc Mojica, Sergio Chacon, Kevin Carpenter, Randy Chapman, Uday Kale, Bill McCuistion and Rick Mason.

Amazing January Meeting!

Posted by jpm on January 07, 2006

Thursday we had an amazing January meeting of the group, with some great presentations and discussions. Thanks to our two presenters, John Arnold and Kevin Carpenter! I’ll try to get them to post their presentation details here later next week.

For next month, we will have the following presentations:

  • Marc Mojica will talk about how to quickly create a web application with Macromedia Dreamweaver. This should be a great session for the beginners in the group.
  • Joao Prado Maia will present about managing revision control with CVS (or maybe Subversion). I’ll go over the details of creating a CVS repository, importing modules and start tracking changes to your files. If you are interested, feel free to start reading Open Source Development with CVS, a free book available online.

If you have suggestions for other topics, please let me know.

Welcome to our Homepage!

Posted by jpm on January 06, 2006

Welcome to the homepage of the Houston PHP / MySQL Users Group. We are a diverse group of people that share the same interests for Web Development, specifically PHP and MySQL. We meet at the first Thursday of every month at the University of Houston, and those meetings usually consist of:

  • Presentations about PHP, MySQL, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript/AJAX or Web Development in general
  • Networking between the group members
  • Quick sessions on tips and tricks about development

Feel free to suggest topics for a presentation, or ask for help with a project you are working on, or general tips on Web Development. Visit our Message Board and get to know other like-minded people here in Houston!