Amazing January Meeting!

Posted by jpm on January 07, 2006

Thursday we had an amazing January meeting of the group, with some great presentations and discussions. Thanks to our two presenters, John Arnold and Kevin Carpenter! I’ll try to get them to post their presentation details here later next week.

For next month, we will have the following presentations:

  • Marc Mojica will talk about how to quickly create a web application with Macromedia Dreamweaver. This should be a great session for the beginners in the group.
  • Joao Prado Maia will present about managing revision control with CVS (or maybe Subversion). I’ll go over the details of creating a CVS repository, importing modules and start tracking changes to your files. If you are interested, feel free to start reading Open Source Development with CVS, a free book available online.

If you have suggestions for other topics, please let me know.


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