January Meeting Photos 1

Posted by jpm on January 07, 2006

I try to take photos of every meeting (even though I often forget to bring my camera), so here are the photos for this month:

From left to right: John Arnold, Marc Mojica, Jan Catacutan and Bill McCuistion.

From left to right: Bill McCuistion (back to camera), Randy Chapman, Uday Kale, David Smoot and John Arnold.

From left to right: David Smoot, Uday Kale, Randy Chapman, Sergio Chacon (our kind host at UH), Bill McCuistion, John Arnold, Marc Mojica and Jan Catacutan.

From left to right: Jan Catacutan, John Arnold, Marc Mojica, Sergio Chacon, Kevin Carpenter, Randy Chapman, Uday Kale, Bill McCuistion and Rick Mason.


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  1. milind ektare Wed, 24 Jan 2007 21:09:33 GMT-0500

    Could not find uday kale’s website.